Damon Handley’s experience led him to the Rainbow Motel. It’s a fortunate alignment for the business and Greeley and the long list of guests who find their way to this boutique hotel on Hwy. 85.

The owner of Quartz Hospitality solutions, Handley has one purpose when he greets guests upon arrival: To provide clean and comfortable lodging accommodations at a reasonable price, while delivering excellent guest service, in order to create a truly unique experience for each and every guest.

Handley grew up in Gig Harbor, Washington and attended the University of Arizona in Tucson. He began his hotel career working as a front desk clerk at a 195-room Ramada Inn, where he was quickly promoted to management.

Handley and a friend had an incredible opportunity to purchase a failing restaurant business and they transformed it into a successful operation for 7 years. Handley then managed a few different hotels in Bremerton and Bellingham, Washington and Oregon City, Oregon.

Handley relocated to Denver in 2014, managed hotels in Parker, a retirement community, and other commercial properties, until starting his own hospitality business and moved to Greeley to manage the Rainbow Motel.

The best guest yet to check in at the Rainbow…we’re proud to say it’s Damon Handley. And he’s here to make a positive difference.



At the core of our Rainbow operations is a conviction to top-down improvement.

Of course, our guests are top of mind and top of our list.

We’ve spent a year and a half putting the shine on the Rainbow and simultaneously creating our own home on the property that we’re proud to occupy.

Welcome to our home!



Greeley was founded as the Union Colony in 1869, an experimental utopian society envisioned by Horace Greeley, editor of the New York Tribune after he visited Colorado in the 1859 Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. He placed an advertisement in the New York newspaper seeking volunteers who demonstrated the criteria of being literate and of “high moral standards” (a Temperance Movement influence that probably explains why the town was voted “dry” from 1936 to 1969.) Three thousand pioneers applied to inhabit Union Colony and of that 700 were turned away. Each paid $155, a dear sum at the time, to go west.

Located in Weld County at the confluence of the Cache la Poudre and South Platte Rivers, Union Colony became known for its smart use of irrigation—for croplands and herds of cattle. The significance of this agriculture achievement was that it competed with mining as the principal basis of the territorial economy. The success of Union Colony inspired the establishment of another colony upstream, Ft. Collins.

Just like the early pioneers that were wooed to Union Colony, we want the Rainbow Motel to be your destination of choice when you are visiting Greeley for business or pleasure. We want you to be the next guest to step into one of our newly rennovated guest rooms and exclaim, “Now, this is unexpected luxury.” We’ve actually had guests say that to us. And nothing makes us prouder of our achievement in turning our concept of the Rainbow into reality. Plus we now have a liquor store across the street!


We’re relentless about keeping the Rainbow Motel free of any non-paying guest! Bed bugs fall into that category. Bed bugs travel with people and in this globe-trotting world, it’s every innkeeper’s responsibility to be proactive about preventing bed bugs on premise.

To that end, the Rainbow Motel engages frequent and thorough general pest control services covering every inch of our property, guest rooms and service rooms, top to bottom. But we’ve gone one step further to ensure that you can be confident our rooms are bed bug free. We’ve enlisted the regular monthly services of Amy Speck, Advanced K9 Bed Bug Seekers, LLC, and her bedbug dog, Tracker. Amy knows Greeley well. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Northern Colorado. She became interested in bed bug detection dogs after her husband launched his own pest control business. Tracker was trained by the best of the best in the industry, Stephanie Taunton of Hesperia, California. Once Tracker graduated from his scent detection tour of duty, Amy trained at his side to perfect the hunt for hospitality’s most feared guest. Tracker’s intelligence, focus and accuracy impress observers everywhere. His über-sized beagle personality is, frankly, enchanting. And Amy equally delightful.

If you spot Amy and Tracker on our property, it’s to give us their monthly stamp of approval, a status that is coveted by hotel and motel operators everywhere.