Want to have a cozy cocktail for two (4 can fit if you’re not opposed to bumping elbows)?

We have our Airstream parked center court and available for private meetings in season. This 16-ft. Bambi is notably mid-century. Fewer than 100 were built with retro Design Within Reach finishes in 2007.

Consider holding a client meeting or a cocktail hour at the Airstream. We will provide you with costs of the services you require. Just ask our Managers. It will require more paperwork, but it’s well worth it!

On any regular night, our guests gather in center court to watch the sunset or even do a little BBQing. We provide a picnic table and gas grill. You provide the fixings for your BBQ and you are responsible for thorough clean up. Please do not keep any leftovers in your room. If you have Catsup and mustard, for example, that you want to store in your room refrigerator, that’s okay. But do not keep open food in the room. Never. If you ask, we will store leftovers for you in our office refrig.