Jason’s log—December 22nd the 1st day of the freezing.

Nothing happened overnight I’m happy to report morale is still high. I remain hopeful that we’ll make it through this. The 1st check this morning went well with no signs of issue or problem.

The sun is out today, however the frozen tundra that is Greeley looks inhospitable which is better than its normal look however still not fantastic.

I will maintain constant updates and checks throughout the day and into the night and we’ll see if I can survive the cold.

Jason out.

Jason’s log update Number 2—December 22 nd afternoon of the freezing.

Carlos came by. It was great to see him. He helped shovel the walkways keeping us safe. I haven’t seen another person all day. I just begin to think they had all frozen out there in the tundra.

Still no signs of issue of freezing at home base. Happy to report.

Somehow the snowplows kept up with the roads. They don’t look too terrible today. Still not going to risk it.

I will remain ever vigilant in my resolution to make sure nothing becomes damaged like in freezes past.

We shall see what the night brings.

Jason’s log update Number 3—December 22nd, the evening of the freeze.

My efforts seem to not have been in vain and there has been no issue as of yet. We’ll see what happens throughout the night, but I believe the freeze will not be successful in making A mess.

They say it’s going to be 13 degrees tomorrow. I look forward to the heat wave. It’s almost shorts weather. I’m thankful the wind isn’t howling again like it was last night.

Jason out.