The Rainbow Motel was perfect for a one-night trip my wife and I planned to visit her old college town of Greeley (University of Northern Colorado)! We were within somewhat reasonable walking distance to Weldwerks Brewing and Syntax Distillery, and, if you're a little adventurous, you can easily walk to Wiley Roots Brewery as well. The manager, Jayson, was incredibly friendly and professional. He made it clear that he was available for any of our needs at any time. We didn't end up needing him for anything because our stay went smoothly, but it clearly mattered to him that we had a good stay. The room itself had been renovated relatively recently. It was clean and comfortable. The room was fairly small, but we weren't looking to spend a ton of time there anyway. The Wifi worked well, and the TV included Hulu and Netflix. Our experience at this motel was awesome!

The only things my wife and I "didn't like" were minor. The exact location wasn't great; you won't get an amazing view out of your room's window, but this also wasn't important to us. We were within a good distance from the parts of Greeley we cared to visit. We liked the location despite the lack of views. As for the room itself, our only two complaints were a lack of electrical outlets and the bathroom sink. There were two outlets in the entire room. However, there was a power strip with USB outlets, so we didn't personally struggle too much with the lack of outlets. The bathroom sink was one of those trendier "bowl style" sinks that sits above the counter, and the faucet was extremely low over the edge of the bowl. As a result, it was a little hard to use the faucet for washing your hands. – GUEST IN JANUARY


We are delighted to get your feedback. Yes, the Rainbow is all about hospitality. And because the iconic motel was built in 1953, we have some limits to our physical plant that newer build hotels don’t. That said, we pride ourselves on consistently upgrading our amenities to achieve a perfect a stay at the Rainbow. Your input is helpful! The one thing we cannot fix is the view beyond our property to the highway. But the counterbalance to that is that we are conveniently located.

We look forward to your next stay!