Over at the Rainbow Motel at 105 N. 8th Ave. in Greeley, Colorado, there’s new art to catch the eye of passersby. Colorado muralist John Gersick who makes his home in Lamar, Colorado and paints commissioned work region-wide, last week completed a mural of a rainbow-colored cow on the wall of the Rainbow Motel as a tribute to the motel’s name and Greeley’s roots.

Weld County is the epicenter of cattle and lamb feeding internationally. Warren Monfort started the first feeding and processing company during the Depression and today that family-owned company is a piece of the largest beef feeding and processing company in the world, JBS S.A., with headquarters in Greeley.

About finding Gersick among so many other less-than muralists, owner Jarod Clark said, “When searching for a mural artist, I found it difficult to find the pairing of professionalism, punctuality and mastery of the art. I could not be happier with the experience and also the design of the mural. Every day we now have dozens of people stop by to view his mural.

"We had a blank canvas on the south side of our boutique motel, and we knew we needed something special. We had two small requests, something to do with cows and using multiple colors of the Rainbow. What we received was more than special, it is an incredible piece of art, originating from the imagination and skill of our chosen artist, John Gersick. We are not only pleased and completely satisfied, but astounded by the end result. We now have the bragging rights for the best mural in the town of Greeley," adds Damon Handley, manager of The Rainbow Motel.

Take a drive on 85 and see the Rainbow mural for yourself. Or visit Gersick’s website at to learn more.